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Where the woven bag is used
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Packing bags
1. Industrial and agricultural products packaging bags As a result of product resources and price issues, China's annual 6 billion woven bags for cement packaging, accounting for more than 85% of bulk cement packaging.With the development and application of flexible container bags, plastic woven containers Bagging is widely used in the sea, transportation, packaging, agricultural products, agricultural products packaging, plastic woven bags have been widely used in aquatic products packaging, poultry feed packaging, farms covering materials, crop cultivation shade, wind, hail shed And other materials. Common products: feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, urea bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit bags, such as mesh.
2. Food packaging bags Rice, flour and other food packaging gradually woven bags. Common woven bags are: rice bags, flour woven bags, corn bags and other woven bags.
3. TOURISM TRANSPORTATION Tenting, umbrellas, travel bags, travel bags, plastic woven fabrics are used, and various tarpaulins are widely used for transportation and storage of cover materials, replacing the bulky and bulky Cotton tarpaulins. Construction of the fence, net enclosures are also widely used in plastic woven fabrics. Common are: logistics bags, logistics bags, freight bags, freight bags, etc.
Engineering Materials
Widely used in small water conservancy, electric power, highway, railway, harbor, mining construction, military engineering construction, in these projects, the geosynthetics with filtering , Drainage, strengthening, isolation, seepage and other functions, is a synthetic geotextile geotextile material.
Flood relief supplies
Flood prevention and disaster relief can not lack of woven bags.Diaries, banks, railways, highways also lack the construction of woven bags is anti-woven bags, drought woven bags, woven bag.
Special woven bags
Some industries due to special factors, need to use some usually less than the woven bags, such as carbon black bags.
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