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The application of plastic woven bag
Time:2016-10-22  From: auhor
1, vegetables and other agricultural products, packaging, and then replace the paper-made cement packaging bags.
At present, due to product resources and price problems, China's annual 6 billion woven bags for cement packaging, accounting for more than 85% of bulk cement packaging.With the development and application of flexible coke bagging, plastic woven bagging is widely used In the agricultural product packaging, the plastic woven bag has been widely used in aquatic products packaging, poultry feed packaging, farms covering materials, crop planting shade, wind, hail sheds and other materials. Commonly used in agricultural products, packaging, agricultural packaging products. Products: feed woven bags, chemical woven bags, putty powder woven bags, urea bags, vegetable mesh bags, fruit bags, such as mesh.
2, food packaging
In recent years, rice, flour and other food packaging gradually woven bags. Common woven bags are: rice bags, flour bags, corn bags and other woven bags.
3, geotechnical engineering Since the 80's development of geotextiles, widening the application of plastic woven fabric, widely used in small water conservancy, electricity, roads, railways, seaports, mining construction, military engineering construction.In these projects, Geosynthetics with filtration, drainage, strengthening, isolation, seepage and other functions, is a synthetic geotextile geotextile material.
4, tourism and transportation
Tents in the tourism industry, umbrellas, all kinds of travel bags, travel bags, plastic woven fabric applications, all kinds of tarpaulin widely used for transportation and storage of cover materials, replacing the easy-to-meager heavy cotton tarp. The construction of the fence, nets, etc. are also widely used in plastic woven fabrics. Common are: logistics bags, logistics bags, freight bags, freight bags.
5, daily necessities
Plastic woven fabric products, shops, the Treasury, the home, there are plastic woven products everywhere.Chemical fiber carpet cushion material has also been replaced by plastic woven fabrics, such as the Shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags, supermarket shopping bags; for logistics and transport of goods woven bags, logistics woven bags. 6, the flood relief flood relief can not lack of woven bags .Dams, riverside, railway, highway construction is also the lack of woven bag .What is woven bags, drought woven bag, flood woven bag.
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