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Brief introduction of woven bag and its processing
Time:2016-10-21  From: auhor
Plastic woven bag is polypropylene (PP) as the main raw material, after extrusion, drawing, and then by weaving, weaving, bag made of. PP is a translucent, semi-crystalline thermoplastic, with high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, heat on the shape of high temperature, low density, high crystallinity, is made of woven bags of the main raw materials. The modified filler is usually glass fiber, mineral filler, thermoplastic rubber. The use of a wide range of plastic woven bags. For now, the plastic woven bags are mainly used for agricultural packaging, cement bag packaging, food packaging, geotechnical engineering, tourism, transportation, flood control materials.
Woven bags are mainly woven plastic bags (without Laminating woven bags), composite plastic woven bags and all kinds of woven cloth, and other three categories. Plastic woven bag production process is: woven cloth by printing, cutting, sewing, a woven bag. Depending on the equipment used, can be cut after printing, printing can also be cut after the first. Automatic cutting Sewing can be continuously completed printing, cutting, sewing and other processes, can also be made into the valve pocket, put the end of bags, etc., for flat woven fabric can be made after the seam. Composite plastic woven bag production process is woven cloth, coating materials and paper or film, composite or coating complex. Can be cut, printed, stitched, made of ordinary sewing bottom bag, can also be perforated, hem, cutting, printing, suture, made of cement bags, the resulting piece of cloth, Can be bonded in the seam, printing, cutting, paste at the end, made of paste at the end of bags. Can also be welded, rolled, made of tarpaulin, geotextile. Flat cloth can be coated with or not coated with the production of tarpaulin, geotextiles, etc., can also be broken after the coating is coated or not coated with tarpaulins or geotextile production.
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