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Manufacturing Facilities

We owned world-class manufacturing facilities for production of high quality Polypropylene woven fabrics , woven sacks/ bags ,which provide great flexibility and cost saving in manufacturing process. 


1. Drawing Production Line ( PP Stretching Lines )
We have two advanced range of drawing production lines, which melt the raw material ( Polypropylene) into yarns. The machine produce finest quality of different kinds of yarns in colors with environment friendly operations . 



2. Circular Weaving Machine
Total 108 sets circular weaving machines designed to weave fabrics suitable for variety of applications like fertilizer/chemicals and covering fabrics etc. Additionally, these machines have an option to produce Anti-Slip fabric on special request. 




3. Cutting And Stitching Machine
Use for bottom folds and stitches the bags or sacks . Complete processing is done from the tubular fabrics roll. These machines carry operations like counting , stacking and conveying. 





4. Relief Printing
We use multipurpose flexographic 4 color printing machines for good print quality and clarity , which are equipped with statistically and dynamically balanced rolls.The system of the machine maintain constant tension of fabric for better print.





5. Laminating Machine
We use high-technology laminating machines for woven fabrics and bags . Combine the plastic film with woven fabric rolls.  





6. Hydraulic Press for PP Bag

The hydraulic press is used for pressing pp bags to minimize the volume for convenience packaging & transporting.  


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